Made In The USA Gourmet Fish Measuring Cups With Pewter Display Post

By Crosby and Taylor

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Made in the USA Gourmet Fish Measuring Cups with Pewter Display Post
Number: 210535

By: Crosby and Taylor - Eugene, Oregon
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Made in the USA Gourmet Fish Measuring Cups with Pewter Display Post - 9.5" Tall and 3.5" Wide - The handle of each pewter fish cup is intricately detailed and clearly bears the measurement of the cup. They hang from our classic pewter post. Although these are now known as "Paula Deen Measuring Cups", we actually started making them nearly 10 years before she joined The Food Network! Hand Wash Recommended

By: Crosby and Taylor - Eugene, Oregon

Designing, making and discovering artisanal products for home and family is what Crosby and Taylor are all about. They excel at creating beautiful American made products for everyday use. The name, Crosby & Taylor, pays respect to my ancestors, who were Cape Cod-based merchant sea captains. They sailed to the Orient and back countless times in the 1800s. We no longer need to sail to faraway ports to bring back beautiful treasures. We can make them ourselves right here. All of our products are designed and produced in Eugene. I generally start with a sketch and then develop a mock-up in paper or clay. From there we create an original by cutting, hammering, texturing, bending, welding, or carving.
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