Handmade In The USA Mug Turquoise Black And Brown Glaze

By Clear Mountain Craft

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Handmade in the USA Mug Turquoise black and brown glaze
Number: 209454

By: Clear Mountain Craft - Claremont, New Hampshire
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Handmade in the USA Mug Turquoise black and brown glaze - Approx. 5" x 4" 18oz - "My mugs are a customer favorite and will make your morning happier! These mugs hold 2 cups of liquid - that's 18 ounces of coffee ! This was hand thrown, glazed and fired by me in my home studio and glazed with a stunning Turquoise black and brown glaze combination. All my pieces are food, dishwasher and microwave safe"

By: Clear Mountain Craft - Claremont, New Hampshire

One of a kind ceramic pottery hand-thrown and fired by Kristin Lemieux in the pretty mountains of New Hampshire. Kristin's passion for pottery began in college. She began learning the history and fundamentals of this ancient art form under Professor Ingrid Lilligren, a nationally celebrated Midwest artist. After graduating from Iowa State University with a BA in Fine Arts and an emphasis in Craft Design, Kristin moved to Vermont to pursue her dream of a career as an artist. Her dream quickly turned into reality as she became a potter at a prominent ceramics studio where she was given the opportunity to have her hands in clay full time. After years of learning speed and accuracy she was ready to broaden her skill level and began to throw and design for a nationally known artist. In a small mill studio, surrounded by inspiring women, she was able to refine her skills. After a decade of schooling, apprenticeship, and having had the opportunity to focus on two distinct elements of ceramics, Kristin has molded her own line of pottery blending accurate form with refined one of a kind pieces. She creates unique dinnerware, serve-ware and home decor pieces that are not only beautiful but functional as well.
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