Woodstock Wind Chime - Yin Yang Chime

By Woodstock Chimes

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Woodstock Wind Chime -  Yin Yang Chime
Number: 203933

Made By: Woodstock Chimes
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Woodstock Wind Chime - Yin Yang Chime - 31 in. Overall Length, 15 in. Wide - The two sides share a common tube, and together they make blissful music. There can be no mountains without valleys, no light without shadows, and no spring without the quiet slumber of winter. This is the natural order of our world. Each and every day is followed by the black of night which, in turn, is followed by the dawn of a new day. There cannot be one without the other; instead both coexist to make a complete whole. This is the essence of the Eastern philosophy of Yin Yang. Each side of the Woodstock Yin Yang Chime is tuned to a pattern from Piano Phase, a work by American composer Steve Reich. Originally written for two pianos, it can be performed on any type of instrument even windchimes. The interlocking sequences played by each performer begin in synch or "in phase" with one another. As one player speeds up, the way in which the tones are layered gradually begins to shift, giving the appearance of two separate yet competing "conversations." This continues until at last the piece comes full circle and both performers are playing in unison once more. The two distinct halves of this chime share a common tube, and together their blissful tones make a complete sound experience one that is greater than the sum of its parts. Materials: Black and silver finished ash wood, 10 silver anodized aluminum tubes, silkscreened windcatcher

Made By: Woodstock Chimes

Woodstock Chimes offers a unique variety of high quality, affordable musical gifts from around the world that inspire, entertain and bring pleasure to people of all ages. They design and sell the world-famous Woodstock Chimes and distribute a line of award-winning musical instruments and toys called the Woodstock Music Collection. In addition to being the founder and owner of Woodstock Chimes Garry Kvistad is a professional musician.Garry Kvistad earned a Bachelor of Music from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music and a Masters of Music from Northern Illinois University, where he studied music, art and physics in the pursuit of building musical instruments. He tours and records with the world-renowned percussion group, NEXUS, as well as with Steve Reich. Garrys background in music explains his strong commitment to fine tuning and great sound - which is what makes their products appealing to everyone and unique to the gift industry
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