Rocket Double Decker Kid's Art Kit

By Tatutina

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Children's Education & Scholarships

The Mission:

To increase educational opportunity for children of lesser means by way of tuition assistance or helping to facilitate a private school alternative when a quality public one is not an option.


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Rocket Double Decker Kid's Art Kit
Number: 213159

Made By: Tatutina
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Rocket Double Decker Kid's Art Kit - - Featuring artwork by Tatutina! Plant the seeds of creativity with these Blm art kits. Kids love them with the fun artwork, and parents love them because of the high quality art supplies inside. Blum presents unique organized kits that hold everything needed for kids to stay busy wherever they go - perfect for stimulating creativity at home, school and on the go. Each durable and portable zippered carrying case holds: 12 double-ended Ultra-Washable (no soap needed) markers. Designed for the rigors of little hands, the tip/nib strength is in excess of 20 lbs. and the shelf life of the vibrant ink colors lasts more than 3 years. 12 triangular bi-color pencils. Made with brightly colored durable lead, the entire length of the barrel is fortified with glue and made from non-rainforest wood. All the creative accessories: blue gel pen, HB triangular pencil with eraser, dustless eraser, drawing pad, pencil sharpener, plastic ruler. Materials are non-toxic and harmless, and created for children as young as 3 years old.

Made By: Tatutina

Tatutina is a wonderful company with over 20 years experience in producing bright, non-toxic pieces for children's decor. Their hand painted wooden wall letters will add character to any kids room or door no matter what you spell out! Everyone loves these collections of bright or pastel wooden wall letters.
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