NEA (Never Ever Alone) Sprinkle Snuggly Comforting Plush Toy.

By Magnificent Sprinkles

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NEA (Never Ever Alone) Sprinkle snuggly comforting plush toy.
Number: 210418

Made By: Magnificent Sprinkles
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NEA (Never Ever Alone) Sprinkle snuggly comforting plush toy. - 13" x 7" x 4" - NEA (Never Ever Alone) is a snuggly comforting plush. NEA has a silky "power band" which provides comfort and reminds the special owner they are Never Ever Alone. Each Sprinkle is born to address specific childhood anxieties; With NEA, you are Never Ever Alone. Bring me with you to your first day of school or the very first time you sleep in the "big bed", and Ill make you feel extra secure. Every time a raindrop receives a magical kiss from the Rainbow, a Magnificent Sprinkle is born! Their special powers bring love and comfort to children across the world! Has your special Sprinkle been delivered to you? Grandma Leah may well be on her way! Meet NEA, CAZI, SAM and LACI. These Magnificent Sprinkles are each blessed with a special power that helps children to be brave and strong. So whether your room makes strange noises at night, or you sometimes feel lonely, Grandma Leah has just the Sprinkle for you! Sprinkles have soft rainbow hair, a silky power band, and huggable bodies perfect for a cozy cuddle. They even come in a miniature size so you can carry them with you at all times! With a spin and a song, the Magnificent Sprinkles bring comfort and joy to you!

Made By: Magnificent Sprinkles

The Magnificent Sprinkles: Growing up Sprinkleliciously! Most of us, from the youngest child to the oldest adult, express anxieties and fears at some point during our life. Being anxious or uncomfortable in situations is not only normal, but somewhat necessary for learning how to deal with life's challenging situations. You can help your child by providing a comfortable and supportive atmosphere for your child to discuss their concerns. The Magnificent Sprinkles provide that opportunity in a very non-threatening way. With a spin and a song, the Magnificent Sprinkles provide comfort to their special owner. From the Author; With so many concerns in the world today, I want to provide an opportunity for children to comfortably discuss their worries with parents or caregivers. Are they afraid of sleeping by themselves, afraid of the dark, or maybe your little one is having a hard time remember the positive things you have taught them? This book and the Magnificent Sprinkles characters will offer this comfort to your little ones.
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