Handmade In The USA Personalized Medium Baseball Wooden Big Belly Bank

By Big Belly Banks

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Children's Education & Scholarships

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To increase educational opportunity for children of lesser means by way of tuition assistance or helping to facilitate a private school alternative when a quality public one is not an option.


$200 can buy course books for one child eager to learn.

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Aug 29 2014 #1004 Children's Scholarship Fund $56.65

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Handmade in the USA Personalized Medium baseball wooden big belly bank
Number: 107081

By: Big Belly Banks - Elizabethtown, New York
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Handmade in the USA Personalized Medium baseball wooden big belly bank - Medium 20'' tall - Large Big Belly Bank from Big belly banks, they eat your money. These fun and entertaining banks are made in the USA and are hand airbrushed on high quality wood with bright, nontoxic paint. Watch as they eat your money! Holds almost 1,000 coins (pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.) Money is easily removed by unscrewing the center bolt in the belly. These are the original patented design of John Chesnut and are still made in New Hampshire. Great childrens gift.

By: Big Belly Banks - Elizabethtown, New York

Big Belly Banks - Big Belly Bank - A New Hampshire craftsman, John Chestnut, Big Belly's founder is a prolific designer and inventor. All banks are made of high quality wood, painted with bright, glossy, non-toxic paints. John started out displaying his work at craftshows and all work was produced in his New Hampshire studio. The banks have become so popular that he had to turn over the production to a cabinet making facility in the Adorondacks. The quality and craftsmanship is still a trademark for these wonderful creative interactive 'eating' banks. Watch the coin travel all the way to the big 5' belly. They really eat your money!
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- It is different and gets my son very excited to collect his money. He loves

by Kristen M Massapequa, New York on Dec 3, 2013 - Read More..

- I bought this as a shower gift and it was a big hit. Everyone was admiring

by C P on Mar 24, 2014 - Read More..

- I adore these Belly Banks. Its a great personalized gift for the kid who ha

by Sheri G Yardley, Pennsylvania on Dec 3, 2013 - Read More..

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