Earring And Necklace Set

By Kristina Collection

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Earring and Necklace Set
Number: 210767

Made By: Kristina Collection
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Earring and Necklace Set - - Earring and Necklace Set

Made By: Kristina Collection

This unique jewelry line was designed by talented artists from the Czech Republic and the United States. Hana Stepanek, who is currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, is presenting the Kristina Collection to select markets in the United States. Hana has been dedicated to working on the Kristina Collection line and its designs for over ten years. She is passionate about working with jewelry because of her appreciation for creativity and fine arts. Her inspiration for Kristina Collection came from traditional Bohemian glass-making that is used for various artistic creations such as chandeliers, vases, glass flowers, etc. The Kristina Collection is the result of Hana's desire to create something exceptional within the theme of glass artistry and jewelry making. Kristina Collection is composed of Czech crystal and glass. Every contemporary jewelry style represents a unique design; a piece of art that is one of a kind. The necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and pins are centered around a nature theme and come in a variety of beautiful styles and colors. The Kristina Collection introduces new, fresh styles for every season, and constantly experimenting with new colors along with both traditional and nontraditional glass and crystal beads.
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- I saw this jewelery in a little shop in New Smryna,Fl and later decided I

by Arlene B Indianapolis , Indiana on Jul 31, 2014 - Read More..

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