United States Patent Office Golf Tee Printed Collage Art

By Patent Artwork

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United States Patent Office Golf Tee Printed Collage Art
Number: 210175

By: Patent Artwork - Mystic, Connecticut
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United States Patent Office Golf Tee Printed Collage Art - Print only. Frame not included. - John N. Pattenden brings art to innovation, and innovation to art. He complied a unique collection of prints that tell a fascinating story. John extracts elements from iconic patent filings, then builds a background that is contextual with an aged look. These components, along with the photograph of the invention are brought together in a collage which John then prints himself.

By: Patent Artwork - Mystic, Connecticut

My work explores the origins of iconic items from the inventors vision to the finished product. What began as a search for textures to blend into my Fine Art photographs has translated into a unique collection of prints that tell a fascinating story. I was looking at patents for interesting old text and drawings. When I saw how well the drawings complimented the photographs I decided to create the Patent Artwork series. From my earliest years I have always been fascinated by inventiveness and where things came from. Add this to and incurable appetite for trivia and history and you will understand why I get so much pleasure from researching the inventions for my prints. As legal language and the draftsman's pen are juxtaposed with a photographic image of the actual invention the viewer is left with a glimpse of how a dream became a reality.
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