Made In The USA High Ball "After Hours" Set Of 4 Glassware Artwork Of Constance Depler Coleman

By Original Depler

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Made in the USA High Ball "After Hours"  set of 4 Glassware artwork of Constance Depler Coleman
Number: 211452

By: Original Depler - Cincinnati, Ohio
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Made in the USA High Ball "After Hours" set of 4 Glassware artwork of Constance Depler Coleman - 15 oz., 6 1/4" tall, 2 7/8" wide, tapering to 2 1/2" at the bottom - A "High Ball" cocktail glass, A "High Ball" cocktail glass, 15 oz., Set of 4: Libby Glass. Made in America.

By: Original Depler - Cincinnati, Ohio

Vintage art of famous artist Constance Depler Coleman. Many of her pet artwork was reproduced on wallpaper, cocktail napkins, playing cards - all of which have now become rare collector items. Additionally, she was commissioned by various celebrities, political figures and professional athletes to create portraits of their pets. Today is a new beginning for Depler's designs; Amanda is producing her mother's art on new products that you can see on this website.As the daughter of Constance Depler Coleman, growing up was exciting and fun. I was surrounded by dogs drinking or playing cards, the house full of animal art, our raccoon going on family vacations, and all of the pets who have inspired us an amazing childhood. I am so pleased to share my mothers images, designs and paintings in a unique usable product line.
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