Handmade In The USA Fused Glass Small Square Oval Tray Transparent

By Northside Gallery

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The Toby Keith Foundation

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The Toby Keith Foundation has been helping children with cancer since 2006 and continues its services through partnerships with hospitals, caregivers, foundations and civic groups.


Help us keep our doors open to love and hope - OK Kids Korral provides a cost-free, convenient and comfortable home for pediatric cancer patients receiving treatment at The Children’s Hospital at OU Medical Center, Peggy & Charles Stephenson Cancer Center and other nearby facilities. There is no greater gift than keeping families strong and together during a difficult time. If we can alleviate stress on a family, encourage a brother or sister and comfort a sick child, then we will make a difference in the fight against cancer.
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Handmade in the USA Fused Glass small Square Oval tray Transparent
Number: 212431

By: Northside Gallery - Ann Arbor, Michigan
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Handmade in the USA Fused Glass small Square Oval tray Transparent - 8" x 5" - The transparent series was the artists very first many years ago -" I like the architectural feel of the ambers with the purples."

By: Northside Gallery - Ann Arbor, Michigan

My expression in kiln-worked glass is a reflection of my interest in pattern and color and how it affects the eye. The placement of color can fool the eye making it look completely different than one would expect. I often make reference to my interests in textiles and architecture. Most pieces are fired several times, slumped, and cold-worked, to create a finished piece. Wendy The mission of Northside Gallery is to create beautiful work that makes your life a little bit more enjoyable. If you love your environment, it makes you a happier person! ...and most of us could use a little more happy...especially us Northerner's in February!
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