Handmade In The USA Aimee Clutch Black Trim

By Anna Bags

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Handmade in the USA Aimee Clutch Black Trim
Number: 210117

By: Anna Bags - Washington, D.C.
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Handmade in the USA Aimee Clutch Black Trim - 10" x 5.5" x 4" - The Aimee clutch Bag is made from the finest Luxurious Plonge Lambskin, woven into a Hounds-tooth design. Suede Interior. Hand-cut French Tippings

By: Anna Bags - Washington, D.C.

Anna Bags works with leather craftsmen in Washington, D.C. to create luxury leather handbags. Each ANNA handbag begins as an experiment with oil paint on canvas with the goal of producing a timeless piece of art. This singular focus on the creation of enduring work guides the process from the canvas to our studios and workshops. First comes collaboration by seeking out the finest leather craftsmen we ensure that our designs are brought to life in the highest quality leathers, and under expert craftsmanship. Creating an ANNA handbag takes hours of intensive, manual labor and incorporates groundbreaking feats of leather design work. In pushing the boundaries of design, each bag expands the centuries-old techniques of leatherworking. Because of this, we are free to pursue our complex, enduring, and aesthetically inspired designs. Anna Bags was established to create art that embodies the sublime characteristics of Anna Orthwein, a young woman of the highest caliber with a subtle, alluring uniqueness recognizable at first glance and fully captivating upon acquaintance.
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