Handcrafted In The USA The Pocket For The IPhone

By Wendy Stevens

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Shelter For The Homeless

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Handcrafted in the USA The Pocket for the iPhone
Number: 209166

By: Wendy Stevens - Boyertown, Pennsylvania
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Handcrafted in the USA The Pocket for the iPhone - 2.75" x 4.75" x .625" - The pocket for the iPhone is made of etched stainless steel, with leather gussets and strap and is worn across the body with a slim profile. This accessory is ideal for those who need to carry their iPhone and don't have pockets. It is available in stainless with both black and off-white leather.

By: Wendy Stevens - Boyertown, Pennsylvania

Wendy noticed an enormous need for small, durable handbags - just big enough to fit some change, a driver's license and lipstick. That was the genesis of her first metal handbags. What marks her designs, above and beyond durability, is the assortment of sizes, shapes and metals. Maintaining her integrity as a designer, she continues to make each piece by hand, with the help of a small staff. And just when you thought she had exhausted all materials, she comes up with new ones and new combinations. In fact, she now designs her own sheet metals! The originality of her designs has garnered attention in top fashion and design magazines around the world. Wendy Stevens handbags are sold in specialty stores throughout the U.S. and at juried exhibitions such as the Smithsonian and Philadelphia Museum of Art shows.
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