A note on Our Ordering Security
As ecommerce continues to rapidly grow, security has become a great concern, thus I created this page to walk the novice customer through our checkout process and explain just how safe our site really is

Ready for checkout?!
Ok, so you are at the shopping cart, and are (hopefully) ready to go to the checkout page. That’s Great! But what happens next? Do I give my credit card number online, will I get a receipt, ahhgh what do I do? Is this for real? Well, all fears aside, I will walk you through what happens next and what precautions are taken to secure your information as you order from us...
Step 1: your information
Well, now you have jumped from our busy and vibrant online catalog to a totally new and different section of PorterHouseCrafts.com, THE CHECKOUT PAGE. Notice one very important difference, (besides the boring content and all the work you have to do filling out the forms), which is the address - it says https:// instead of http://. That means that the page is a secure page and only you and I can read information from that page. I will explain this further….
Encrypted posting
This page is set up to retrieve information from you, like your billing address, and other things. All that you write becomes encrypted as we run on a dedicated IP address and have installed a secure certificate verifying that. Encryption is when the content you type is coded so that only we can read it, thus blocking anyone spying on the outside.
Your credit card and me
Once you get past your billing and shipping pages, you are ready to enter your credit card info. Now, there are even more steps taken to ensure that your credit card number is not seen by anybody, (even us!) that’s right, once you press that submit button, an encrypted code is generated for your card number and is sent to our merchant processor – authnet who captures your card (same as the card swappers at any retail store) Once captured, Your card is automatically charged and Your actual card number is never recorded or stored.
All this happens within seconds, and you (again - hopefully) will see a confirmation page, giving you a printable invoice or receipt. Simultaneously you have been emailed a confirmation letter stating that you have purchased the said items for the said price. SOLD!!

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