Our Return/Exchange Policies
Please read before ordering!
Our Quality Promise: We have spent over 20 years hand selecting the best and most unique crafts and gifts from many quality artists. EVERY item is of craftsmanlike quality, has its own ACTUAL picture from Us and is quality ensured. Everything sold on our site is IN STOCK and ships out the NEXT business day.

What is refundable
Money back for items that are damaged, or misrepresented on our site
Money back for items that are of a poor or misrepresented quality
Item(s) must be sent back to us before refund occurs

Why: Unique items such as ours are hard to find, stock and/or replace, hence the reason why you are here. Also, many items are season sensitive (christmas!) and are subject to Low availability. As such, we cannot just give money back for a quality item that in many cases cannot be resold at a different time. Your order will be one of a kind, so enjoy the unique nature of our products!
Refunds/Exchanges and Shipping costs
If item is not refunded, it can be exchanged for store creidt, or other items
If you are exchanging, or returning (store credit), you pay shipping fees
If you are refunded for damaged or poor quality items, refund will include shipping fees

All of our customers are very happy with the products and service they recieve. However we understand that mistakes do happen and minds can change. A refund is ONLY granted if the item(s) are damaged, of a poor quality, or misrepresented on our site. You may however exchange or return items for store credit only, and must pay any extra shipping fees that apply.
Shipping Info
We offer all UPS shipping options, and USPS parcel post and priority mail
ALL Items sold here are IN STOCK and shipped Next business Day*
Shipping fees are solely based on package weight and destination
You can see shipping quotes in your cart and checkout pages
About Backorder and Delays
*We run on realtime inventory from our Brick and Mortar store in Manchester Ctr. Vermont. Our site is updated automatically each night. If you purchased an item on our site, there is a tiny chance that the item was bought a few hours earlier. If this occurs, we will contact you explaining any delays with your shipment. Don't worry this rarely happens
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