Handmade In The USA Scented Pillar Natural Aromatherapy Candle ''moon'' Jasmine Lily Of The Valley And Sandalwood

By Bennington Candle

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Handmade in the USA Scented pillar natural aromatherapy candle ''moon'' jasmine lily of the valley and sandalwood
Number: 72371

By: Bennington Candle - Shaftsbury, Vermont
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Handmade in the USA Scented pillar natural aromatherapy candle ''moon'' jasmine lily of the valley and sandalwood - Large pillar: 5" x 3". They burn approximately 70-80 hours long. - Natural aromatherapy large pillar candles are handcrafted in Southern Vermont by Bennington Candle, a conscientious producer of quality aromatherapy candles made with lead free cotton wicks as well as natural essential oils from flowers, herbs, and trees. Each hand poured candle has its own special custom blend of various scents.

By: Bennington Candle - Shaftsbury, Vermont

Bennington Candle is a small company established in 1997 located in Bennington, Vermont. Their commitment to quality and the desire to produce the finest aromatherapy candle line is what makes them one of the leaders in the aromatherapy candle industry. All the candles are hand poured in their studio in Southern Vermont. The Paraffin Wax line uses the finest grade paraffin wax. The wax is formulated so that the candles produce a long lasting luminous glow. The candles unique aromas are from their own blends of essential oils. The scents have been proven to lift spirits and change moods. The mottled look is from the slow cooling process, which allows dissolved air to come to the surface of the candle. The candles are made with 100% cotton wicks. Enjoy the experience.
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- I love this scent and the overall quality of all Bennington Candles. Anyone

by on Dec 1, 2013 - Read More..

- I cannot fully attest to the candle since I bought it to give as a gift, bu

by on Feb 14, 2014 - Read More..

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