Handmade In The USA Eco-Friendly Sterling Silver Peacock Panache Wire Earrings

By Candy Beads Jewelry

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Handmade in the USA Eco-Friendly Sterling Silver Peacock Panache Wire Earrings
Number: 210840

By: Candy Beads Jewelry - Washington, D.C.
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Handmade in the USA Eco-Friendly Sterling Silver Peacock Panache Wire Earrings - approximately 10 grams, 3.5" x 1.5" - Peacock Panache Wire Earrings. Hand-made sterling silver stylized peacock feathers. These are stunning! So easy to wear and not at all heavy despite their size! Everyone loves them. These have gorgeous richly purple faceted amethyst drops with iolite and blue topaz beads inside handmade sterling silver shapes that are reminiscent of peacock feathers. Wear these around town and you will get LOTS of complements! Made from eco-friendly recycled sterling silver

By: Candy Beads Jewelry - Washington, D.C.

Sterling silver, 18kt gold and gemstones are prominent materials in my designs. I prefer the look of gold, so I have started using the ancient Korean technique of Keum-boo to add 24 karat gold to some of my sterling silver pieces. Whether its sunlight filtering through green leaves while walking through the woods, the flowers in my garden or the gorgeous peacocks on my parents farm, the vibrant colors and the sensuous forms in nature have always been an inspiration to me. Ive always admired the jewelry of the Art Nouveau period for its focus on stylized representations of nature. The techniques that came to prominence during this time also intrigue me. Wax carving is my favorite form of expression for mimicking the sinuous forms of nature as well as engraving and chasing and repousse. I love the craftsmanship displayed in the older jewelry from that time. I incorporate these traditional techniques in my work to add more realism and detail. I still have a passion for incorporating color and interesting beads into my pieces. I enjoy finding things that no one has seen before- an interesting fantasy cut gemstone or a unique shape or color. I love finding special hand-cut pieces from gem-cutting artists. My focus on the old world techniques from the Art Nouveau period as well as my use of unusual faceting patterns and gemstone cuts set me apart from other jewelry artists.
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