Handmade In Peru Eco Friendly Andrea Hand Bag Red

By Ruway

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Shelter For The Homeless

The Mission:

To help families break the cycle of poverty and access clean, safe living quarters.


It may take a village to raise a child but it takes money to build a shelter. $50 is a start and will buy a brand new toilet bowl.

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$30.44 raised
Goal of $50
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Handmade in Peru Eco Friendly Andrea Hand Bag Red
Number: 209256

Made By: Ruway
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Handmade in Peru Eco Friendly Andrea Hand Bag Red - 15" x 8" x 3" - All natural tote with beautiful bloom flowers, designed in California and handmade in Peru. Interior pocket, Magnetic snap closure

Made By: Ruway

Ruway is a Quechua word that means create implying responsibility for what you are making and giving artists the power to communicate messages of transcendence. Patricia Matienzo, Founder and The Designer states The idea behind Ruway is the creation of fine and elegant new designs inspired by ancient Peruvian textiles. In travels through Peru I found artisans who still have knowledge about the techniques and materials used by Inca and pre-Inca cultures but it is gradually lost over time and for lack of economic resources. Ruway's mission is to save the history of this art and merge it with modern design ideas. We work with Peruvian artisans whose skills and artistic sensitivity we combine with our designs to create refined, elegant and beautiful handbags and jewelry. We use high quality organic palm leaves for our products, thereby preserving both the ancient tradition and the environment to create our delightful products. With the sale of every product we help the artisans and their families to feel appreciated and proud of the work they are doing and in addition provide a valuable income for their work. Enjoy the beauty of our products and share in the joy of socially responsible creativity!
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