Eco Friendly Handcrafted Mango Wood 5 Hole Candle Holder Tray Cherry Marble

By Circa Asia

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Eco Friendly Handcrafted Mango Wood 5 Hole Candle Holder Tray Cherry Marble
Number: 208161

Made By: Circa Asia
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Eco Friendly Handcrafted Mango Wood 5 Hole Candle Holder Tray Cherry Marble - 17" W x 3" D - Ideal for almost any room in your home, this is sure to get lots of use. Includes tea light candles. Mango Wood has a wonderful lustrous quality that lends itself to elegance and contemporary design. All of our mango wood products are sourced from controlled, sustainable mango plantations. When a mango tree reaches 20-30 years, its fruits are no longer suitable for commercial use. Older trees are harvested and replaced with young trees in a process that protects the mango forests. Skilled artisans handcraft each of our mango wood items, typically requiring more than 60 days to complete. Our tabletop items are completely food safe and fully functional for serving any warm or cold dishes. Care simply requires washing with soapy warm water. Dry thoroughly.

Made By: Circa Asia

Circa Asias goal each and every day is to provide our customers with the highest quality handcrafted items. Not only do we want to give our artisans an opportunity to express their true creative talents, but also we want to provide you with access to unique and elegant pieces that are both socially and environmentally responsible. Since 2001, Circa Asia has been traveling to Southeast Asia in an effort to find the regions most talented crafts makers and artisans. Having spent countless hours in our artisans villages and often times, their homes we have developed a personal friendship with each of them that extends far beyond the usual business relationship. We are proud to say that all of our handcrafted items are traded fairly. Circa Asia compensates all of our artisans justly and we ensure that each of them is working in a truly safe and comfortable environment. Circa Asia is equally focused on providing earth-friendly products. Our mango wood and bamboo collections reflect the true beauty nature has to offer. Created from sustainable or reclaimed materials, we strive to design with both you and the environment in mind. We are honored to have our collections exhibited in some of the premier galleries, museums and boutique stores around the world. We kindly invite you to join the ranks of satisfied customers.
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