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We have been there for over 25 years helping you find the most creative gift solutions for everyday life. First as a specialty retail shop in the mountains of Manchester, VT; to the shops comprehensive website (PorterHouseCrafts.com); And now to Artcraft Gifts, inc, a creative and specialized venue for Artisan Gifts!

Our story 2009:
Artcraft Gifts, inc. started in Jan. 2009, adapting www.PorterHouseCrafts.com into a specialty gift marketplace for artisans, promoting their creativity, studio selection and customization in the everyday [affordable] gifts that are sold.

The archive: The Porter House of Fine Crafts is an eclectic blend of Functional yet Decorative items that are carefully chosen to enhance everyday rituals in Life. We believe that crafts should be used on an everyday basis to enrich and nurture the human spirit. Our Gallery is nestled in The Green Mountains of Southern Vermont in Manchester Center. This web site is just a small window into the wonderful world created from unique yet affordable gifts and home accessories. Each item is handmade and varies from piece to piece. Imperfections are all part of the handcrafted beauty. Please come visit us and discover a pleasant environment full of beautiful items and alternative music. Our Product line changes daily and offers a wide variety of media styles and price ranges. We also have a unique Upstairs Boutique that offers alternative, artistic clothing to liven up any wardrobe. Be it a must-have dress, a finishing-touch scarf, or a pocket book, we have a great assortment which constantly changes with the seasons. Any questions, please call

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