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ACG Customer Service
We have been there for over 25 years helping you find the most creative gift solutions for everyday life. First as a specialty retail shop in the mountains of Manchester, VT; to the shops comprehensive website (PorterHouseCrafts.com); And now to Artcraft Gifts, inc, a creative and specialized venue for Artisan Gifts!

How may we help you today? For Sales:
Our business hours are from 9:00am - 5:00pm MST Monday through Friday.
If you are trying to Buy something and need customer assistance, please contact us TOLL FREE 888.362.4789, or click on the "Contact" tab above.
Ordering Assistance:
Please view the shipping and ordering tabs above to help answer any questions you may have about your order. There is also an order tracking link on the bottom of the page.
Do you need to contact an Artist about their work:
Please be aware that we are NOT the artist you are trying to reach, we are a reseller. We DO NOT know where there is a local shop near you that one of our feature artists sell to. You should assume the most efficient and affordable place to purchase the artists gifts is right here!
Artists: market your gifts right Here!
Do you have a product-line that would fit in this specialty venue. A product that can be customized? Want Google, Yahoo and amazon placement... Visit our Dropship page to learn more >

*Gift-wrap is FREE for any Item over $29, OR ALL items in an Order over $99* (* $3.95 otherwise)
*ACG Points cannot be used with any other promotion Like "gift set sale" or "Final Blowout Sale"
*ACG Points are automatically applied at Checkout: Every customer has a "Card", points are accumulative, however, awarded in increments of $25 spent. Award on the confirmation page, and can be used towards your NEXT order by you or a friend.