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Dear (recipient),

(your name) Has just sent you a gift certificate from http://www.porterhousecrafts.com ---


A) To use: You may go to http://www.porterhousecrafts.com and upon checkout you will be prompted for the gift code
B) Good online and at their retail location in Manchester, Vermont
C) To print - copy code and put it on a pre made certificate by going to: http://www.porterhousecrafts.com/promotion/giftcert.pdf
D) For more info - Visit http://www.porterhousecrafts.com or call toll free 1-(888)-362-4789

The Benefits
1) Recipient is sent the certificate code through email
2) They can use the code immediately or print out the certificate
3) Good for our online store and retail store purchases
4) Great gift alternative - We have thousands of great gifts to choose from!
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